How College Students Can Increase Their Mental Capacity For School Work

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Mental capacity is your ability to reason, plan and problem solve, the use of language, and to learn. This is just one part of your total intelligence. As with the physical human body your brain can be worked like and muscle making it stronger. One way to strengthen the brain is by putting yourself just outside your comfort zone. Putting yourself and your brain in different kinds of setting that are not the norm allows your brain to strain a little and grow stronger.

There are a few things you can do to help this process in everyday life. Next time you're hungry try a different kind of food you have not tried yet. Just a simple tweak in the day can make a huge impact on you. The list of things you can do is endless and varies with every person. That is what makes the human brain one of the most amazing creations ever. All humans are genetically and physically the same for the most part but yet our brains are one in a million.

Some other things you can do if you feel you have hit a wall, go back to school, and learn to play an instrument, or simply just do something that stimulates your brain. Doing things that you enjoy is a huge benefit for obvious reasons. When doing an activity you enjoy your brain is rewarded and you grow mentally from that. A bad influence would be watching television. since watching it does not use your capacity and it does not let you regain the mental energy. If you are going to watch television watch something educational or something that will make you think. Use of the brain instead of just letting it vegetate will benefit you in the short term and long term of your life.

As we all get older we tend to forget about our minds. It gets harder to keep the brain stimulated when as we age due a lack of social stimulants or just being lazy. All is not lost though you can teach old dogs new tricks. There are ways to keep the mind sharp even at older ages. One of the easiest ways out there is crossword puzzles. Puzzles of any kind are very good for you mental health. If you are more adventurous and think you can take a challenge give juggling a try. This increases your hand eye coordination and mental acuity.

IQ Benefits of Exercising and Sleep

I'm sure we've all met that one person who just happens to score higher than everyone on their tests, and just seems to always get higher grades than the average. We've all had our moments of envy for the person who happens to have a higher IQ than everyone else, and we wonder, how do they do it? There are many factors that fall into your IQ and the different things that can increase or hurt your IQ level. In fact, some of these can be done in your own home, at no cost to you at all!

Worry no more! A quick way to increase your IQ would be to try exercising. It's something that everyone can do in his or her own home for just a few minutes each day. There are many factors that can help with your IQ, but exercising is a great way to start, and is something that can be adjusted to fit the level of any particular person that would want to add it to their daily schedule. Whether starting out at a beginner level or being an advanced trainer, exercising can help increase your IQ and can also open your mind to learning more. The implementation of physical activity can be seen as a manner of waking up your mind. Not only will it wake up your mind, but it can also give your body more energy to continue throughout the day, whereas you would usually be tired. This can range from walking early in the mornings or taking a light jog to intense cardio exercises in your home or at the gym. Any form of exercise can serve as a means to increase your IQ

Another easy way to increase your IQ would be to get sleep on a regular basis each night. As we get older, our daily schedule changes and our habits vary on a day-to-day basis. Due to these changes, we are sleep deprived and we end up cheating our bodies out of its rest. Well, in addition to cheating our bodies, we actually are depriving our minds of what it needs. In addition to the quantity of rest, the quality is important as well. If you sleep for 8 hours, but are uncomfortable for 5, then it's just like sleeping for 3 hours. In order for this to be effective, your quality of sleep is highly important.
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How College Students Can Increase Their Mental Capacity For School Work

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This article was published on 2010/11/30